Wednesday, June 17, 2009

worm farming

Worm farming is a cool low cost way to help the environment your bin only needs to be 8 to 16 inches deep because worms are topsoil feeders because worms like moderate temperatures, place your bin in a shady location where it will not freeze or overheat. Some good locations include:
. Kitchen corner
. Garage
. Basement
. Patio
. Outside the back door
. Laundry room

A handful or two of soil, ground limestone or well-crushed eggshells every few months are good for providing grit and calcium.

This is how you turn a coffee table into a worm farm.
[Warning: you need a lot bribery to convince your mum]


  1. Kewl Ae! Me and Mum are making one in our backyard we got an old bath from the kindergarten that she works at!

  2. You sound like such a committed and well informed worm farmer you should be in charge of our worm farm at school :-)